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Do you both know the starfish story? Where the person is walking along the beach and throws the starfish back in the ocean one at a time. One onlooker says, 'You'll never make a difference with this many starfish on the beach.' The person throwing says, 'But I'm making the difference in this one's life right now. And this one. And this one.' And on it went. Green Tree Community Health Foundation is the person throwing starfish in the ocean. We do not have the capacity to scoop up the whole region and fix every one of its problems. We do make a difference in the lives of the children receiving care at grant-funded clinics and after-school mentoring programs. We do make a difference in the lives of 65,000 people who were not hungry because we funded their food assistance. We do make a difference in the lives of aging citizens who receive free care at the neighborhood nursing clinic, and in the lives of grandparents who receive support and respite while raising their grandchildren.

Giving to Green Tree Community Health Foundation keeps your charitable dollars in your community, where you can see the results of improved health and social welfare activities. Green Tree can help you create effective, efficient, giving vehicles to make your charitable interests a reality, with tax advantages to you and your family. Through Green Tree’s study of the needs of the community and its organizations, your gifts can be directed to specific causes and not be misdirected to administrative expenses. 100% of annual giving goes to grant making.


In Person

Feel free to send a check by mail to our office in Chestnut Hill:

10 East Springfield Ave, South

Philadelphia, PA 19118


You can give to Green Tree securely through our online PayPal account. Our United Way donor code is: 16083

Over the Phone

We would love to speak with you over the phone about your interest in the Foundation:


By Email

Please get in touch by email using the following address:

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